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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Stash Cafe - Lunch review

Stash Cafe, 200 St Paul Ouest, located in Old Montreal.

Stash Cafe on Urbanspoon  If it is Polish food you are looking for, Stash Cafe will cover all of your cravings.
I have eaten there a couple of times and I have to recommend that you ignore any light meals like kielbasa and salad and go for the heavy hitters like Sznycel Mielony. Although the Kielbasa is good quality and the sauerkraut is hot, the meal is simple and not memorable. The Sznycel Mielony, on the other hand, will have you coming back for more. It has two breaded ground meat patties, that are covered in a delicious, creamy mushroom sauce.(Just writing that made my mouth water) It is served with potatoes, that help to soak up all of the sauce and a fresh green salad. The Cabbage rolls, also need mentioning, they are exactly what you would hope for. A generous portion, covered with a tasty tomato sauce. The exposed stone walls, deep windows and numbered church pews will help you experience an old world charm.
3 1/2 mmm's out of 5


  1. I, too, had the cabbage rolls and found them to be very authentic and tasty. Have to agree with you, BigMama, well worth the trip when you want to get your Polish fix!