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Friday, 29 April 2016

Curry Chickpea and Avocado sandwich

This was so tasty, I had it as a sandwich and then as just a salad. Either way It's Good For You!!

1 1/2  tsp curry powder
1/4     tsp turmeric
1/4     cup mayo {or Greek yogurt or a combo with sour cream}
1        can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1/4     cup toasted nuts -what ever you have on hand
1/4     cup cranberries {or raisins}
1        avocado, diced
salt & pepper

Optional : cilantro or parsley, a diced apple

Combine your dressing ingredients ( curry, turmeric, mayo ) and combine all other ingredients *except avocado* stirring until evenly blended. Season to taste with salt & pepper then gently stir in avocado. Serve on a nice grainy bread or enjoy alone as a salad!

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The French Riviera is every thing you dreamed of and more.

The French Riviera has a wonderful climate, fantastic food and beautiful scenery. The time of year will dictate just how busy it will be, you may want to keep that in mind before booking. Consider the 'shoulder month' of September when small restaurants have not yet closed down for the season and temperatures are more comfortable.

Starting and ending in Nice is what most people will do since it is an easy airport to navigate. Nice could easily be my favourite European destination offering both a beach and the city. It deserves a couple of days to explore this beautiful place.

I would highly recommend you rent a villa, if you choose to visit in September, a pool may not be a necessity but a heated pool will be a luxury. Try to choose a place that is walking distance to town for the early riser who may want to pick up coffee and croissants. A town with restaurants can come in handy after a day of travelling but plan to reserve at least a day in advance to avoid disappoint of a full house. Make note that most restaurants close through out the day around 2;30, making a late lunch difficult. Some establishments will be closed on Sunday and Monday.

One hill town that is worth seeing is Seillan, a quaint place with a fabulous restaurant called Chez Hugo on 4 rue de l'Hospice.  People are friendly but it certainly is handy to know key terms in French like:  Please, Thank you, A bottle of water or wine and The number of people in your dinner party.
A smile will always work too!

 I loved St Paul De Vince with it's many alley ways full of unique artists and their creations. A day wandering in and out of shops is best spent in this city. A nice little restaurant just outside the wall is La Petite Chapelle, they have a reasonable Plat du jour and a pleasant terrace. The time of year would greatly effect your overall experience since bus loads of people visit in the summer months.

While visiting Monaco try to park in the first available parking garage, wear comfortable shoes and spend the day exploring. The casino and palace are on opposite sides of this small city but easy to manage with the availability of city buses as well as hop on hop off buses. A nice sea view restaurant on J.F. Kennedy is Miramar, it has a fantastic view of the many yachts. The pure luxury of the place is undeniable with high end stores and every desirable car you can imagine.

Time is the only limit you  have in southern France. Enjoy!

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Monday, 28 September 2015

Le Temps des Cerises, Fayence

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A comfortable terrace in the quaint town of Fayence, where you will have flavourful food and very pleasant service. A reservation is necessary as it appears to be the case in all of Fayence.

I ordered the Plat du jour and enjoy the fish dish immensely, it was satisfying but not heavy. They have a good wine list to choose from and the vine covered pergola makes for a romantic setting.

The waiter at Le Temps des Cerises was one of my favourites!  A happy young man with a contagious smile and a great personality.

3 1/5 mmm's out of 5

Friday, 25 September 2015

Miramar, Monaco

Miramar has a nice location, situated along side million dollar yachts on route to the casino. You would expect a costly lunch but that is not the case, they have a reasonably priced menu with lots of choices and good food!

I shared a creamy mushroom risotto with a nice amount of shaved Parmesan and a large Greek salad,

It is helpful to know some key words in French.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

La petite chapelle

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Before entering the walled city of St Paul De Vence, we saw La petite chapelle off to the right and it looked so inviting that we had to check it out.

I choose a pleasing plat du jour of chicken covered in mushroom sauce served with french fries (that would make any potato proud) and a nice salad. Both reasonable and satisfying making La Petite Chapelle a great place to enjoy lunch on a relaxing terrace.

3 1/2 mmm's out of 5

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Chez Hugo, Seillans, France

What a find!

After wandering the streets of Seillans and finding most stores closed on a sleepy Monday morning. We found Chez Hugo the old fashioned way, we asked a local. Kate assured us we would be very pleased with the restaurant and she was right!

The setting is lovely a stone interior with a terrace, great music and fantastic food! A huge chalk board lists the choices of the day but you only need to ask the waiter what to order to taste the best of the best. I followed each recommendation from starter to dessert and ooh'ed and ah'ed my way through the meal.

A solid 5 mmm's out of 5

L'entracte, Fayence, France

Our first night in Fayence we stumbled across this restaurant. It's right on the corner of town and has an outdoor terrace. Most places were closed, we were right in the middle of  'serving times' after 2:30 and before supper.

We ordered a pizza and salad. The pizza was very good with fresh mushrooms and the salad was huge with lovely pieces of fresh cheese, it was ample for two people to share. We also shared a crepe with hot chocolate, everyone enjoyed it.

The service was fine, knowing a little french is helpful.

3 mmm's out of 5

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