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Friday, 29 June 2012

The Amalfi Coast in Italy, is Paradise

As the locals of the Amalfi Coast will tell you "When we die we go to jail, because we have lived in Paradise our whole lives"

The people are warm, the weather is tropical and the food is fantastic. Sitting on the beach, having a home made Italian meal and sipping on a local wine, makes for pretty great memories. There is a lot to look at on the coast including the shore line, the lemon groves, the stunning cliffs and the beautiful people. There are quiet little towns and busy villages, breath taking beaches, romantic walks and stunning churches. They celebrate the lemon and you can have it in almost any form, from lemoncello to lemon pasta to lemon cakes with lemon sauce. Try them all, you will never have a lemon taste so sweet in your life. Enjoy a boat ride, they are easily available and can be short water taxis or a Capri day cruise. Sample the seafood, it is very special, it can be prepared and served to you at table side. They present  the cooked fish and proceed to de bone it for you, it is an amazing thing to see. Enjoy a pizza and local beer for lunch, they offer many varieties and each are cooked in wood burning oven, a delicious meal.  The Amalfi coast is a treat for all of you senses!!
Driving on the roads are an experience and after a thousand turns, I would highly recommend a confident driver. It is not hard to tell who is 'from away' and who drives those turns daily.