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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

3 weeks on PEI

One of my favorite things about PEI is the seafood! When ever I get home, I have as much as possible. It was lobster season on the North shore and Mothers day was celebrated with a 'feed of lobsters'. Of course there is homemade rolls, biscuits, potato salad and coleslaw.
There is nothing as good as a lobster that you get fresh from the fisherman's boat - right off the wharf!

But there are a few tricks to cooking the perfect lobster and the most important is salt water not water that you add salt but salt water from the sea. Yep, that's the trick! If you are land locked and want the same flavour, salt your water and when you think it is salty enough add a 1/2 cup more ( that was my Dads advice). After we cooked the lobster in sea water we then cool it in more sea water. I have never tasted better lobster, no need for melted butter or lemon!

So, if you are lucky enough to have lobster and a beach near by, you got yourself a little piece of heaven!

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