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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Olive et Gourmando - Lunch review

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Olive + Gourmando is a groovy, food Artisan cafe that will delight your senses. This place is hopping so plan accordingly for the best selection, because when something is sold out -it is gone for the day. You will even see a sign on the sandwich board saying "too late." Their whimsical sense of humor is evident through out the restaurant, on the wall is written, "eat your veggies and no brownies don't count as veggies."
I visited during off hours, late afternoon and their smiling staff didn't have any problem finding me a seat. The selection was less but they still had The Cubain Panini, My Favourite! It's a large panini (they do not serve half sandwiches) so bring a friend and share. The ham and braised pork is covered in a scrumptious homemade mayo that has chipotle, pickles, lime and coriander. It is is topped with Gruyere cheese that melts when it is heated, mmm good! Enjoy a homemade soup that varies depending on what is in season. On any given day they will start with one type of soup and end up making another if they run out. Always fresh ingredients make for some wonderful combinations.
Their Baking is what draws the morning crowd and you will easily find all sorts of sweets that will delight you. Place your order at the counter and a waitress will bring it to your table, all bills are kept at the cashier so when you are finished (not when a server is available) you pay. Pretty Smart considering how busy this place can get. 4 1/2 mmm's out of 5

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