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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Cacao 70 - Dessert

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I would describe the inside of Cacao 70 as green, not in color but seemly environmentally friendly, very earthy tones and wooden baskets full of burlap and peanuts and lovely windows that roll up to let the outside in.

Tonight I shared a triple chocolate fondue that came with 3 chocolates: dark, milk and white. I was not expecting the chocolates to be combined and had I realized, I would have order Classic fondue with Dark chocolates. I was slightly disappointed because the chocolate no longer stood alone in taste although it did look quite beautiful.

The fondue arrived in a large mug that had a place on the bottom for a candle, we mentioned that our candle was missing and were then informed ' that the candle burns the chocolate therefore they are not provided.' Fair enough, except the chocolate was room temperature and Maybe it is just me but I like the chocolate in fondue closer to hot. There was an ample assortment of fruit, a brownie and a waffle for dipping and the price was very reasonable for what you got.

They did provide water but the glasses were so hot that the water was warm. Basically my temperatures were off.    3 mmm's out of 5

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