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Monday, 19 August 2013

Klondike Resto - bar grill Lunch review

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I really don't enjoying writing a bad review, I usually opt for no review at all but Klondike Resto was so poor that I feel obligated to warn people. A beautiful afternoon and a shaded terrace lured us in, that and the 'two for one' drink special. We were told that all drinks were 'two for one', actually there is a drink list, with many selections but not all drinks were on special.

We gave our order and went to the salad bar, it was included with our meal. There were three basic choices for salad. When I got back to the table, I  found a hair in my lettuce, a different shade than mine. The first 'hair find' of the day was in a fellow diner's water.

We waited a long time before half of the tables order arrived, fish and chips, the fish was very good but the fries were ice cold. (They brought more hot french fries when asked.)  A philli steak was also ordered and it was the last meal to arrive, it was so awful that the meat could only be described as 'Mystery'.
The beautiful day was not a complete waste but that meal was!  1 mmm's out of 5 

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