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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

What's for supper??

I am a fan of cooking what you can find in your fridge or freezer, so tonight I decided to defost a few greek sausage and see what I could add to them.

I had some beautiful red peppers and onions, these are an automatic with sausage. So I began with olive oil and added the veggies, and a few hot pepper flakes. I cut the sausage into chunks, added them and a few cloves of garlic and of course oregano. I knew I had some home made pasta in the freezer, so I prepared that. When my sausage was cooked, I added a hand full of spinach and a dozen grape tomatoes - because tomatoes are a natural with pasta, plus a few teaspoons of feta & olive tapenade (both complement Greek food). I drained my pasta added it to my sausage mixture and then added salt and pepper and a bit more olive oil.

It was colorful and very tasty. I like to follow recipes when I cook and I always want it to be Good, but when I do try things on your own, I think of the region and what complements the food.

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