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Saturday, 23 March 2013

kazu - dinner review

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We arrived at 5:30 just when Kazu opened and we were two people short of getting a seat. This place is very compact maybe 20 seats. The best thing about waiting in line is asking people what they have eaten here that is really good.

After a 30 minuted expected wait, we ordered a variety of things. Chicken skins, beef carpacco, eggplant and a tuna bowl. The chicken skins needed to be a touch more crispy, maybe that is how it is intended to be served but eating my last piece was a bit of a challenge. The accompanying sweet sauce was extremely tasty and saved the dish. The beef carpaccio, was good but not out of this world, once again it was the sauce that was the star of the plate. I will not be ordering the eggplant again. I really liked the tuna bowl, it had nice tender pieces of sushi grade tuna with a mixed salad, white rice and a jumble of noodles on top, it is big enough to shared or have on your own. We finished with a yummy soft serve, creamy wasabi ice cream, that is both different and worth a try.

The flavour and aromas of Kazu really are unique and all the sauces are complex.  But, would I wait again? Not with Montreal's choice of restaurants. 3 1/2 mmm's out of 5


  1. I have to agree! Good restaurant, but I don't understand the line-ups to get in when the food is not much beyond average.