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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Noodle Factory - Lunch review

1018 St. Urbain, in China Town,  514-868-9738

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The Noodle Factory....I love it! I have a path worn to their door and so will you because the food and the prices can't be beat.

The food is the star, the restaurant itself is basic, they don't have a liquor license or take debit cards. They have a window positioned by the tables, where you can watch a chef (with Popeye arms)  make the noodles. The dumplings are hand made in front of you too. It is a small spot and they have a huge turn over, so at times you will feel like they are rushing you along. Always order some type of dumpling. They have beautiful steamed dumplings, (# 13) that are served Really Hot in a bamboo basket and they will show you how to place a sweet sauce on your spoon so the dumpling and sauce flavors mingle. There are delicious Hunan dumplings (peanut butter #15) that have a mild spicy sauce covering them. Also, Pan fried pork dumplings ( # 11) with a choice of sweet or tangy sauce to dip them in. Each type is different enough to be order at the same time. The Shanghai style noodles (#26) give you a choice of meat or vegetables, they are fresh and scrumptious. They also offer a mouth watering soup (21A) made with noodles, meat and veggies. If they see that you are running out of broth, they will gladly add more. Send every college student you know their way, it is a great inexpensive meal to share. 4 1/2 mmm's out of 5


  1. Thanks for noting the menu item numbers (it save me having to figure out what to try). Heading there for lunch today!

  2. Thanks men am coming ddown for number 21A