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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dalvay by the Sea - High Tea

Dalvay by the Sea is an elegant Victorian style resort with beautiful grounds and a wonderful restaurant. Staying at the resort allows you free entry into the national park but if you are just going for lunch or high tea you can expect to pay park entrance. A day at the beach after High Tea might be in order to help ease the sting.

Reserve your table and request one by the window so you can fully enjoy the view of the lake. It is a fancy affair so dress up, a group of girls went and we opted for sun dresses.

They begin by giving you a selection of teas to choose from, each has a description and are refilled when requested or if your server is very attentive. Beautiful tea cups and saucers are at each setting and  two people are given a three tier serving platter to share. A description of quiches and desserts are explained with the extremely delicious Sticky date pudding topping the tier. It has been a star of Dalvay's menu for generations,  ask for more rum sauce since they served it a little more dry than usual.

Everything is tasty with some things better than others but it is really the over all experience that you are paying for.  If you are hungry choosing from the lunch menu would make much more sense.

This is a fun, girly, wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

4 mmm's out of 5

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