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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Zuzu, Napa, California

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Zuzu is on Main Street in old town Napa, it is a popular Tapas restaurant with both locals and visitors, as a result it is busy. They do not take reservations But before 5:30 it is quieter, so if you are visiting from the East coast the early time might work for you. There is an up stairs so don't be put off when looking in to a full restaurant.You can bring your own wine with a corking fee  around $15 (we were never charged, it is possible that the fee is only a formality)

The menu is varied and asking for assistance will depend on your waiter, some will say that everything is great, others will share their personal favourites. We shared every dish, starting with Queso, fried Manchego cheese. Followed by a tasty Bacalao, Salt cod with white truffle oil, it was similar to a fish cake. We followed the suggestion of the waiter and tried (reluctantly) Boquerones, white anchovies, sliced egg and Remoulade on grilled bread. to say it was fantastic is an understatement, how could anchovies be that good?? Be Brave! This is a Must try, it is so smooth and creamy on the toasted bread, it is truly Unforgettable.

Start with four dishes for two people and work your way from there.

4 mmm's out of 5


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