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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Taqueria San Bruno, San Fran, California

Taqueria San Bruno on Urbanspoon

This was on my list of places to visit while in the area, as soon as we got off the plane we headed over. A little out of the way and modest looking should not turn you off from giving this place a try because the food and service are second to none.

I knew I was having Shrimp tacos (I head read the reviews) and they did not disappoint me. Soft shells and flavourful shrimp - yum.  I also tried a fish ceviches, it was fresh and tangy with lime and celentro. They give you chips and you can choose the salsa you want, ranging from mild to kinda hot. Add  Lime to your beer and you are a happy camper!

My second visit (on the way back to the airport) I had a Carnitas burrito, So good! Huge with crispy pieces of well seasoned meat. I had enough left for a second meal.

4 mmm`s out of 5


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