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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Pearl Cafe

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The Pearl Cafe is located in a beautiful home that has an eclectic collection of furnishing. Attention to detail is evident through out, not only in the surroundings but in the menu as well. I love when people are passionate about what they do and the owner is just that. Almost shy when we complemented her but anxious to share the details and proud of what she has produced.

Everything and I kid you not, Everything about my meal was excellent! Beginning with the caramelized butter and soft biscuits, followed by a mouth watering scallop ceviche and finishing with a spectacular meal.

I had the Pan Seared Atlantic Halibut served with  roasted fingerling potatoes, spring veggies and a fabulous bacon and sun dried tomato vinaigrette. There really is nothing as good as fresh fish!  The halibut was tender, flaky and scrumptious, cooked perfectly, cutting easily with your fork. The veggies were colorful and delicious with the vinaigrette. The plate presentation was pleasing to the senses. It smelled wonderful!

I also got to sample the cheese and charcuterie board as well as the Braised beef short ribs. It was one of those meals were everyone is saying  "Mine is so good, you've  got to taste it". The details are what make the difference.
5 mmm's out of 5

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