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Monday, 10 February 2014

The Main Kitchen - Hudson

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Located in the well known and Beautiful Legg`s building, The Main Kitchen has the potential to be something pretty special. We visited on a Friday night, one of the few nights that this restaurant is open. Although they have been serving take out as well as catering, they are still adjusting to being open in the evening. A few kinks in the wait staff could not take away from a pretty excellent meal. We were a large group and had the meal preset for us, simply having to choose our main course.

The first entree was a 'menage a trois' of tartar: beef, salmon and tuna. Each tartar was tender and beautifully spiced. The next was a butter poached lobster tail in gremolata, I had two since they seemed to offer an endless supply to the table. My first one was a bit tough, the second was delicious( I am assuming size had something to do with that) The third appetizer was a truffle bison sausage covered in a fantastic mushroom and onions sauce! For my main meal, I choose a dijon and rosemary crusted rack of lamb with garlic rapini and potato gratin. The meat was cook perfectly, medium rare and was so tender that it was an absolute pleasure to eat. I very much enjoyed my rapini and the scalloped potatoes with raclette cheese were excellent. There Was So Much food, I had a full meal of left overs the next day!

At first glance the menu may seem a tad expensive but the quality plus the quantity of food far surpassed the price.
A solid 4 mmm's out of 5

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