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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Linguini - supper review

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When my Italian friend, who is an excellent cook, told me to "Try the Pizza", you try the pizza. I knew that I was ordering pizza even before I stepped into the restaurant, though what kind was still up in the air.

The restaurant is in a beautiful log home with a few modern touches like leather chairs, white table clothes and simple curtains.

Ordering the house specialty of any restaurant make good sense so I asked what the most popular pizza was (prosciutto and arugula) and ordered it. The dough, which always is the star of a good pizza, was exceptional!  The prosciutto was of very good quality and salty enough to complement the peppery arugula perfectly. I Love a Good Pizza and this place has it!  Since I didn't taste any thing else on the menu this review is simply for the pizza.  4 mmm's out of 5  

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