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Monday, 13 May 2013

SuWu - dinner review

SuWu on Urbanspoon

SuWu is a hipster restaurant that will satisfy the taste buds of that generation. The inside is very cool! Great re-purposed wood on the walls and metal light fixtures with funky light bulbs. A very nice piece of black and white graffiti covers the bottom of the bar and colorful tattoos cover the employees. Although the music did have the occasional  'f bomb'  it did suit the atmosphere and was not totally offensive.
The menu is different enough to keep things interesting, I started with a very inexpensive but satisfying SuWu beer for $4.00 and then followed with the BBQ pork ribs and potato salad. The ribs were falling off the bone and covered in a rich hoisin sauce, the salad was made up of small potatoes, in a dill and chives mayo with pieces of bacon sprinkled through out.  I also sampled the lobster rolls with sweet potato chips.
Both were good.
I can honestly say it was the employees that were the most impressive, they were friendly, attentive and just plain Sweet. Maybe it was my age that was causing this but I don't think so. This place is ideal for the college crowd; the windows roll open, the atmosphere is comfortable and the prices are reasonable.
3 1/4  mmm's out of 5

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