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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Restaurant Darbar- dinner review

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This was a Pleasant experience from beginning to end! The owner is charming, the surroundings are authentic and the quality of the food is excellent. To say I am a fan of Indian food would be such an understatement, I adore a restaurant where the flavor profiles are so intricate. We started with two enjoyable Indian beers, a Taj Mahal and darker Cobra, we also ordered a smooth and tasty mango lassi.  I had a Thali meat plate that has a beautiful assortment of food (you can make menu changes for an additional $2.00); the steel plate was full of deliciousness! Of course there was naan bread and a fragrant rice but also a divine citrus based vegetable and a lental tarka dahl (which I immediately ordered more of so I could take it home) plus butter chicken, Scrumptious! We also ordered chicken korma and an extra naan because how could you order korma without naan bread for dipping? The meat was falling apart, the flavours were multiplex and the value for Quality food is undeniable.  4 1/2 mmm's out of 5


  1. After reading this review I could't wait to try Darbar. I'd give it 5mmm's - it was sooo good!

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