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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Au 14 Prince Arthur Ouest - dinner review

Restaurant Au 14 rue Prince Arthur on Urbanspoon

'Don't Judge a book by it's cover' would be the way to describe the interior of 14 Prince Arthur Ouest. Fantastic, is the best way to describe the food. I enjoyed an extremely flavorful chopped steak dish that was served with a delicious sweet pickled Vietnamese salad (similar to a coleslaw) steamed white rice and chopped napa cabbage. The portion was generous and the flavours mingled perfectly. I also tasted a lemon grass chicken, that was moist and delicious. Sadly, I didn't get to taste the impressive looking soup but the smell of it as it passed by my table is enough to make me return for a second visit. The plates are around $12.00, reasonable for the amount of food. 4 mmm's out of 5

Grandmother's signature dish!!

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