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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Chez Piggy Restaurant and Bar, Kingston - lunch review

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 Chez Piggy is tucked in behind the main street, the inside is fantastic, an old stable that has been turned into a restaurant with stone walls and open concept. The staff is very nice and the food is fresh but I was underwhelmed. When you ask what is good on the menu and are told 'Everything', it sets the bar high. I had Smoked wild salmon and blue potato salad with dill creme fraiche, it was served with roasted fennel and onion and a dill caper vinaigrette. That sounds pretty fantastic, unfortunately not so. It was a deconstructed salad and the creme fraiche was in a separate container. Not a potato salad at all but chunks of potato, onion, and fennel on lettuce with a flower of smoked salmon in the middle. I can only describe the meal as bland.  In fairness, I did have a very rich and delicious brownie dessert that helped save the meal.
 3 mmm's out of 5

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