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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tokyo Sushi Bar, Montreal - Lunch review

Their business card says 'Fine Japanese Cuisine ' and that it is!

Tokyo Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon The inside is striking with a beautiful tin ceiling and an open concept. It has a great view of St. Paul, so it is ideal for people watching and a nice sushi bar that allows you to watch the art of making sushi. I had a lunch special, the 10 piece maki midi which is made up completely of rolls. A chefs choice and I was very happy with the choices. To start you can have either mizo soup or salad, I opted for salad since it was a warm day. The dressing had been put on in advance and had separated, too bad really because it lost some of its flavour. There were Five different rolls, two of each type.  A California roll made with perfectly ripe avacado, a delicious Kamikaze with tuna, a Vegetarian roll which was very tasty with a caramelized onion, a Dynamite roll that is properly named and a delicious chefs creation. Each week the chef creates a new maki and if it gets great reviews, it is added to the menu. It was a busy spot and that is always something I am happy to see at a sushi shop. 4 mmm,s out of 5

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