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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Landmark Cafe, Victoria, PEI

 Landmark Cafe offers a Fresh, Healthy choice to some classic meals.

Landmark Cafe on Urbanspoon I started with a whole wheat roll, it was served warm and was heavenly with butter.
I tried the Bar Clams, they were cut into bite size pieces, covered with red onions and capers and served with sour cream and stoned wheat crackers. Bar clam are such a wonderful treat when they are done properly, they were soft and very flavourful. I followed up with a bowl of  seafood chowder, it was not the typical white cream broth but rather a spicy stew that had large chunks of fish and vegetables. It was thickened using vegetables and was different then I had expected but a pleasant surprise. The Landmark Cafe is an after theater spot since it is located right across the street from the local theater. What a lovely way to spend your day strolling the streets of Victoria, it really is a place everyone should plan to visit, the natural beauty will take your breath away. 4 mmm's out of 5

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