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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Safran et Cannelle- lunch review

Safran et Cannelle, 420 rue Notre-Dame ouest. 
Safran et Cannelle on Urbanspoon

I had heard good things about Safran et Cannelle but I must have caught it on an off day. It is a nice place with authentic Moroccan music and a friendly staff. The meal started with bread and a combination salad of lettuce, pasta and grilled vegetables. The vegetables were over cooked and the remaining salads were very pedestrian and lacked flavor. I had the Olive Chicken Tagine, it was served in a beautiful clay dish and was piping hot. Unfortunately, I was disappointed because there was no burst of flavours, the occasional bites that had lemon in it were good but nothing special. At the end of the meal, I did have a delicious cup of green tea with mint and sugar. 2 1/2 mmm’s  out of 5

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