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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Le Cartet, Old Montreal, Lunch review

The best Part of my work day is Lunch-still true!

Le Cartet on Urbanspoon Le Cartet resto and boutique, located on 106 rue McGill in old Montreal, is becoming one of my 'go to places'. It is like an upscale cafeteria, the tables are close and it is a bit noisy. That is where the comparison ends. The menu is aimed towards a lunch crowd and the wait for your food is manageable. On two separate occasions, when it was chilly out, I have had their daily homemade soups. The first time, I had a carrot, ginger and maple soup, which was wonderful.  ( I found a recipe for it and made it for my family- It was that good) Yesterday, I once again felt like soup and headed to Le Cartet. You are always presented a basket of bread and butter. The soup of the day was cream of mushroom, it was good! Creamy but not heavy, full of earthy flavours and perfect with a slice of baguette dipped in it. The temperature was smack on, hot enough to take the chill of the day off but still a comfortable temperature to eat. The portion was perfect, a nice size bowl and with the addition of bread, it was a satisfying lunch.The boutique part of Le Cartet has a nice assortment of teas, a huge variety of gourmet chocolate bars and a take out selection of sandwiches, soups and loafs. There are lots of goodies and it is worth a look.  A solid 3 mmm's out of 5.

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