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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Italy...the name alone makes my heart race

I love everything about Italy, the people, the history, the culture but most importantly the food and wine. We visited Italy with a large group of family and friends and spent a week exploring Tuscan. The highlight of the trip ( and this was agreed upon by everyone in our group) was a visit to an incredible cooking class. I promise you that you will leave this class with a new appreciation of the Italian way of life. Here is the email I received from Rita & Silvano after requesting some information.

Cooking Classes last on average 5-5,5 hours and we work together with you . 
The Classes include 10 or more different recipes from the best traditional Tuscan food. 
They include: 
Fresh pasta 
Vegetables grilled and marinated with balsamico 8 years aging 
Homemade bread and Focaccia 
Sweet tart with confectioner's custard or fruit 
Tiramisu..........and more...... 
The classes begin at 10.0 a.m. In the morning or 4.0 p.m. In the afternoon. 
Lunch or Dinner is Included according to the course . 
All courses include tasting of 5 wines (Chianti Classico ….Super Tuscan) and 30-year -old Balsamic Vinegar on an ice-cream . 
There is also a visit to our wine cellar and Balsamic Vinegar cellar 
We can accept Credit Cards,but if you prefer to pay in Cash,we will give you a lovely gift to remember us by. 
Cost per person € 100 ,special price for the children . 
You can visit our TripAdvisore on open CONTACTS and you 'll find 
Google Maps with will show you how to find us. 
If you are on your way by car , you can click on 
Caselle di Sant Agnese Castellina in Chianti Siena 
to find us. 
If you wish to book,please let us know the number of adult and children . 
We also need to know the ages the children . 
Please let us have your contact telephone number,mobile,and address where do you stay in Italy. 
Ciao , see you soon 
Rita & Silvano 


  1. I also found Rita Silvano's cooking class in Tuscany! I agree, it is a wonderful thing to do while in Tuscany!

    1. It was so much fun, I am thrilled that you got to visit there too!!