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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cinq a Sept, What exactly does that mean?

It's French and it means 5 to 7 not 6:55 but "Happy Hour"
Today, I decided to take advantage of a Cinq a Sept. I have been admiring the sign for over a month and today was the day I was going to order the house special. I was excited ...really, what would they offer? A martini, maybe a full bodied red wine or even a local beer. I was ready for anything  I sat down at the bar and the chair was comfortable, good so far. Then I asked 'what's on special?'
'Nothing', he answered, 'every day is a Cinq a Sept'.
After I got home, I opened a wonderful bottle of wine Clos Sixte 2005 from France. I sip my delicious wine and enjoyed some brie and crackers.
It was after 7 but hey, I was Happy!

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