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Monday, 15 June 2015


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This was one of the first restaurants in Montreal that made me feel at home and I am not Venezuelan.
Passionate about their food, genuinely friendly and accommodating makes eating at Arepera an over all pleasant experience!

We had what I would imagine to be a traditional meal explained to us by a Venezuelan and listened to Spanish spoken among the staff, I felt like I was a guest in a different country. A cozy restaurant with open windows, piles of avocados waiting to be made into yummy guacamole and seating that can be made to accommodate any number of people, Arepera is a worth while visit!

 It is 100% gluten free and that in it's self is note worthy. The variety of  sandwiches are served in an Arepa - a gluten free corn bread and the taste is Delish!! The plates vary from meat to vegetarian and each consist of a selection of rice, black beans, feta cheese and plantains plus scrumptious arepa bread. No alcohol at this restaurant but a variety of exotic fruit juices are offered.

A warm hand shake from the owner as we finished our meal, made me feel that I had just been visiting a friend.

A solid 4 1/2 mmm's out of 5

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