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Monday, 18 August 2014

Villa du Souvlaki

Villa du Souvlaki on Urbanspoon

Best Souvlaki in town? That's what their flyer says and I think it's Right! I had a 2 stick pork souvlaki platter with one of the sticks in a pita. ( $1 extra for the pita)

They start you off with warm garlic bread from a local bakery. Followed by a fantastic platter with a wonderful Greek salad that is perfectly dressed, allowing the fresh vegetables and cheese to speak for themselves. The pita is delicious! The pork is so flavorful, the spices on the juicy meat are fantastic accompanied by a smooth, garlicky tzatziki. The round french fries were yummy dipped in the tzatziki.

The service is Very friendly and attentive, bringing extra napkins - just in case. Start off here and cross the street to Chez Freds and you've got your self a perfect lunch!

4 1/2 mmm's out of 5

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