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Monday, 26 August 2013

Churchill Arms, Charlottetown - lunch review

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I was told that the chicken korma was good here and it is! It's a small place with an option of eating outdoor and it's got a good Local Pub feel to it. A nice size menu with typical British food, pub food and such but I would suggest trying one of their Traditional British Curries.

My chicken Korma was very tasty, I was not expecting it to be that good! It was served with Basmati rice or chips or both, funny choice I thought so I went for both. It came with a half slice of naan bread, I think that may be because I ordered the lunch portion instead of the full size portion. Any curry from list can be made as hot as you want - love that!

If you crave Indian food, like I do, this place will fill your needs and you can even watch a soccer game while you enjoy your meal.  A solid 4 mmm's out of 5

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