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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Prince Edward Island, Good things come in small packages

Staying on the Island and living the Island life is a great way to spend a few weeks or if you are lucky a  month. There is always a cool breeze even on a warm day and the nights cool off, so sleeping is  comfortable. If you are going to the beach, biking around or visiting the farmers market, 'Good morning' or 'nice day' is a common thing to say to strangers and in no time you will be joining in. Is it the sea air or just a laid back attitude that makes Maritimers so pleasant? Perhaps it is because they are surrounded by natural beauty or maybe it's because they can have amazing seafood when ever they like.
Farm fresh produce available at road side stands, that are operated on a 'honor system,' bring you back to a simpler time and always puts a smile on your face. The home made rolls and desserts that are available at most small stores make a wonderful addition to a meal of fresh fish and straight from the farm produce. I guess it is true... good things do come in small packages.
* I have many PEI restaurant reviews in previous posts - Enjoy*

Prince Edward island

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