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Thursday, 7 June 2012

GAJ Cuisine Indienne - Lunch review

Restaurant GAJ on Urbanspoon
GAJ is located at 980 ave St Charles, Vaudruil. 450-455-0555

If you like fresh, flavorful food, you will love Gaj. It is situated in a strip mall and the inside is very modest but the staff is extremely welcoming and the food is amazing. There are many things on the menu I love but I am going to suggest just a few. First, skip the lunch special, its served on a steel plate that looks like it is from a prison scene. Begin with a trip to the SAQ, because GAJ is a 'bring your own wine' restaurant. Settle in with a Channa Somosa, a tasty vegetable samosa appetizer. It is served with chick pea curry, covered with onions, tomatoes, homemade yogurt and sweet chutney. Follow with Chicken Corma, a  boneless chicken breast cooked in a sweet, creamy raisin sauce. Add Rice Plo,  a lovely white rice with peas and herbs. Continue with Palak Paneer, a delicious spinach cooked with cheese and spices.  Finish off with a warm Naan Bread, a soft Indian bread baked in a tandoori oven.  Indian food is best enjoyed in the family style, sharing plates.   4 mmm's out of 5

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  1. Saw your review and drove out to Gaj to give it a try. Really good food at great prices. Also love the BYOB as it keeps the cost reasonable.