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Monday, 30 April 2012

Moving Day is a Drag!

With college kids, May is a big month for moving. Saturday we moved from one apartment to another. First, you have to get to the apartment and if your kids live away from home, that is the beginning of the adventure. Then you spend hours going up and down stairs, carrying heavy stuff.  Just when you think you are finished, you get to unloaded it all over again at a new place.
Thank Goodness for "Move Food" pizza and beer. That really is the high light of moving, trying pizza in a different place. When I ordered my pizza the waitress asked 'if I wanted butter for my crust?' Butter for my crust? It is exactly what you think, after you eat the pizza with the toppings, you butter the crust. Yes it is strange but it was good.  Just like having hot bread and real butter. Who Knew?  Hey I use to think a Hawaiian pizza was weird but I love pineapple on a pizza. And, who thought of putting anchovies on a slice? Smoked meat pilled on, now that's yummy too. It's all good but Moving Day still stinks.

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